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Model Consultants International – the architectural model makers, building models makers and the leading model makers Brisbane.

Completion of work on schedule.

This is our guarantee to all clients.

Delivery and Installation.

We can arrange transport, insurance and installation. For interstate and overseas delivery we use professional international carriers. We make timber or cardboard freight crates. The crates are lightweight and can be flat packed for storage.



Stands and Accessories

Most models destined for a sales office will require a stand, canopy, or handrail and a power outlet in the floor. Model Consultants International can supply brushed stainless steel stands on lockable castors for easy movement. These stands usually have a hidden door for power cord access and some storage.   We can also supply timber or laminex cabinets with marble tops and collapsible stands for easy transportation.



 Illumination and Interaction

Most presentation models require illumination and now have neon, diode, fibre optic and electroluminescent wire lights.   Some models also benefit from our push button interactive panels.
Models with illumination have a minimum of 3 cooling fans, an electric timer and surge protector.
The fans generate air flow and do make a small amount of noise. 





Cleaning and Maintenance

Model Consultants International can provide a regular cleaning and maintenance service to suite your sales team.

Important cleaning and maintenance notes:

Please do not use super glue to effect a quick repair. Super glue will frost the model and do a lot of damage to your model.
Please do not place your model in direct sunlight. The heat will melt the shapes permanently.
Please use a clean lint free cloth to clean the acrylic canopy.
Please call us and arrange for our service department to clean this for you.  




Additional Services

We provide a digital photographic service. We can re touch images and supply files or prints as required. Video and audio editing is also available.

Storage and recycling of models is also our specialty.





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